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“EVERYONE” deserves a defense; and, at Korslund Law we can’t promise any outcomes, but we can promise to FIGHT for YOU like family. Our team is EFFECTIVE, TRUSTWORTHY, RELIABLE, and COMMITTED to providing a high level of personal attention and devotion to each client.

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I speak to my attorney directly?

You can definitely speak with your attorney by phone or in person to request legal advice. You should also feel comfortable speaking with legal staff; as, they are also very knowledgeable about what your case involves and can answer most questions you may have. Typically, when you retain our firm, you are provided a business card with your assigned attorney’s personal cell. During business hours, the best time to call and speak with your attorney will be after 2:00 PM, because most times your attorney will be in court or conducting jail visits. If you need to speak with your attorney during the day, a phone conference and or in-office appointment can be scheduled.

Is there a consultation fee?

We offer a FREE consultation for any Criminal or Civil Cases.

If we are retained after your free consultation to handle your Personal Injury cases/Wrongful Death case, our firm does not require any upfront payments. We consider any payments made on your behalf during the case as an advanced cost. These cases are handled on the contingency basis. So we do not get paid if you do not get paid. When your case settles, attorney’s fees and advanced costs will be collected at that time.

If we are retained after the consultation for Criminal/Traffic/Expungement/Restoration of Rights, a fee will be quoted to handle your case in entirety. Fees will include Bond Hearings and Bond Appeals if applicable.

Why should I retain Korslund Law?

Besides the fact that WE FIGHT FOR EVERY CLIENT, we have competitive rates. Our fees are based on the unique facts of every case. When our firm is contacted to represent someone, if they are incarcerated we will visit them in jail and if not incarcerated an in-office appointment will be scheduled. After gathering the facts, a reasonable fee is quoted. Here at Korslund Law, we understand representation can be costly, so in most cases, our fees are broken into three (3) payments for criminal matters. Please note that fees quoted to handle the entire case also includes bond hearings and bond appeals in applicable to your case. Retain Korslund Law today.

Because we practice in Civil and Criminal matters, the Attorney’s at Korslund Law have an advantage when handling your case because they are able to evaluate cases from the Plaintiff’s prospective and Defendant’s prospective. So when it comes to trials or settling a case, Korslund Law is fully prepared to handle all legal issues, concerns or questions.

What type of services does Korslund Law provide?

Korslund Law handles all criminal matters for Juveniles and adults, to include but not limited to Weapons charges, Drugs, Robbery, Murder, Theft/Larceny, Fraud, Protective Orders and Criminal Appeals.

Korslund Law handles all traffic matters, to include but not limited to Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving on a Suspended License and Reckless Driving.

Korslund Law handles civil matters, to include but not limited to Restoration of Rights, Breach of Contract disputes, Expungements, Personal Injury claims due to motor vehicle accidents and wrongful death claims.

Virginia Personal Injury – How Long is the Process?

The Virginia Personal Injury process varies from case to case. Some factors considered in determining the length of your Personal Injury process depends on the length of time it takes for you to either be 100% to how you felt before the accident or if you have reached the point of maximum medical improvement. Our goal as your personal injury attorney is not to prolong any case longer than necessary while diligently working to get the best settlement possible to compensate you for all of your pain and suffering during the process.

How long is the legal process?

The Legal Process and its Variables

It depends, every case is unique and comes with varying factors that will determine the length of your case – from the judge or jury down to the insurance companies involved. After having your consultation and the facts of the case are explained, your attorney will be able to give you a better idea of how long the legal process may take.

Can you replace your court appointed attorney?

Of course we prefer to handle cases from the beginning to the end to ensure you have been represented effectively, however, we can be substituted in to replace your court appointed attorney at any time if the court allows.