A strong self-defense argument from criminal defense attorney, Eric Korslund, results on the client being found NOT GUILTY! On August 28, 2010, Trawn Stratton was charged with First-Degree Murder, Murder During the Commission of a Burglary, and Use of a Firearm in the murder of Harold Moses.  Moses and Stratton shared a mutual girlfriend.  An investigator testified that the room where Moses was found dead showed signs of a struggle with furniture in disarray and blood splattered in several locations.  She further stated that the door was kicked in, 2 shell casings were found and a field-hockey stick was found near the body.  The prosecution argued Stratton planned to confront Moses about their mutual girlfriend.  However, Eric Korslund contended it was Moses who had set a trap for Stratton and attacked Stratton with the field-hockey stick when he reached the house, which ensued a struggle and Stratton was forced to defend himself with the gun he carried.  After deliberation, the jury found Stratton NOT GUILTY of all charges.