Murder or self-defense? On May 19, 2020, former best friends began a feud that ended tragically when Armani Alexander stabbed Tamia Benton with a pocket knife.  Armani was held in jail without bond awaiting trial that began on March 28, 2022.  Eric Korslund was appointed to Ms. Alexander’s case.  The prosecution argued that there was nothing the victim could have said on social media to warrant being killed.  However, criminal defense attorney, Eric Korslund, was able to present evidence to the jury that his client acted in self-defense by pointing photos of the scene, text messages and facebook messages.

After hearing all the evidence, the jury deliberated for less than 90 minutes and found Armani NOT GUILTY of all charges.  The family was ecstatic with the verdict and the fact that their loved one was able to come home the same day.  They were pleased with Eric’s defense at trial and could never imagine that a court appointed attorney would fight so hard for someone.