Defense attorney Eric Korslund’s unwavering dedication to his clients goes above and beyond his professional duties. His passion for helping his clients is evident through his recent actions in a high-profile case involving Tyler Ricks, who accidentally shot and killed his best friend.

During Ricks’ sentencing hearing, Korslund not only defended his client but also went the extra mile to ensure Ricks’ future success. He urged the 19-year-old to join the Navy after Ricks expressed interest in the military. Korslund, a former Marine, understands firsthand how military service can provide discipline and direction to young adults.

Korslund’s concern for his clients extends beyond the courtroom. He sees the potential in his clients and wants to help them achieve their goals even after the case is resolved. Korslund’s advice to Ricks could have a life-changing impact, giving him an opportunity to stay out of trouble and build a successful career.

Korslund’s commitment to his clients is a shining example of the positive impact an attorney can have on their clients’ lives. His actions demonstrate that he genuinely cares about his clients’ well-being and is willing to go above and beyond to help them succeed.