Virginia DUI Attorney/DWI Attorney

A DUI or DWI charge isn’t just another traffic ticket in Virginia—it’s a high-stakes game where the deck is certainly stacked against you. Even first time offenders face life changing penalties, if convicted. Some of the penalties of even a first offense could be a $2,500 fine, a 1-year suspension of your license, or even jail time. And that’s just if it’s your first offense. With these harsh punishments at stake, it’s obvious that you’ll need an experienced DUI attorney on your side to give you the best shot at acquittal.

Stains of a DUI or DWI conviction don’t just fade away—they’re etched in your criminal record, casting long shadows over your future unless successfully expunged. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, it’s likely that you don’t even know where to start in building a defense that can get you off the hook. That’s where an experienced DUI attorney comes into play.

Striking the Gavel on Virginia DUIs

DUI allegations in Virginia are taken seriously by the courts. Just look at the stats—in 2015 alone, Virginia had a staggering 20,768 DUI convictions. Due to the courts overwhelmed schedule, they often offer a plea deal if you’ll plead guilty from the start.  But remember, you’re entitled to a fair fight in court, so don’t wave the white flag at the first sight of a charge. There are more factors than you’d think that can provide you with a quality defense.

Over the years, the consequences of DUI and DWI convictions continue to grow more severe. As the roads become more congested and filled with more drivers, the court feels that DUI and DWI instances are more irresponsible and negligent than ever, and they do in fact result in serious injuries and even death, so it’s understandable that guilty parties face these consequences. Being found not guilty will be key to keeping your freedoms intact, which is why you need an experienced DUI attorney. Some of the results of a guilty conviction include:


Jail time

Criminal record or charges

Mandatory alcohol education courses

Driver’s license suspension

Increased insurance liability

drunk driving

Defending Against Virginia DUI and DWI

Successfully defending against DWI allegations requires an attorney that knows where the loopholes and defenses can be found. Having a keen understanding of human anatomy, chemistry, toxicology, police processes and the criminal justice system could be the difference in keeping you not guilty. If there’s any doubt that Mr. Korslund is your solution, just check out the testimonials on our website to see what past clients have to say. 

With expertise in the legal field, and a firm understanding of police policies and procedures, Mr. Korslund has the best chance at finding your acquittal. His ability to dissect lab test results, the equipment used in the field, its calibration and how accurately it can measure your blood alcohol levels will be the light at the end of your tunnel. 

Any misstep by the arresting officer can strengthen your case. Every detail will be researched including the machine operators qualifications, maintenance records and calibration records. You’d be amazed at how often you can find a rock solid defense in your case by examining the “evidence” proposed by the prosecutor.

Virginia Car Accidents and DUI

Automobile mishaps and DUI cases often dance a close tango. If you’re in a car accident, law enforcement might pull out their breathalyzer or lab tests to check if you’re under the influence. A positive result could land you with a traffic violation, DUI, or DWI charge. Car accidents are often how a DUI or DWI charge begins. If you’re in a car accident and the police arrive, they’ll often subject you to a breathalyzer to check if you’re under the influence. A positive result on the breathalyzer or poor performance in a field sobriety test could end with a DUI allegation. 

We get it, these situations can be stressful and incredibly complicated. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to have a seasoned DUI attorney in your corner. You need someone that understands the law, and knows how to build a defense that can keep you free from the harsh consequences of a DUI conviction. If you’ve been accused of a DUI in Virginia, don’t wait any longer and call Korslund Law today.