Besides the fact that WE FIGHT FOR EVERY CLIENT, we have competitive rates. Our fees are based on the unique facts of every case. When our firm is contacted to represent someone, if they are incarcerated we will visit them in jail and if not incarcerated an in-office appointment will be scheduled. After gathering the facts, a reasonable fee is quoted. Here at Korslund Law, we understand representation can be costly, so in most cases, our fees are broken into three (3) payments for criminal matters. Please note that fees quoted to handle the entire case also includes bond hearings and bond appeals in applicable to your case.

Because we practice in Civil and Criminal matters, the Attorney’s at Korslund Law have an advantage when handling your case because they are able to evaluate cases from the Plaintiff’s prospective and Defendant’s prospective. So when it comes to trials or settling a case, Korslund Law is fully prepared to handle all legal issues, concerns or questions.