Eric Korslund, the defense attorney for Jaquan Claiborne, skillfully navigated his client’s case to a not guilty verdict in a high-profile murder trial. Claiborne had spent two years in jail, accused of murdering Stefon Grimes and seriously injuring his girlfriend during a home invasion. Despite the girlfriend and three neighbors identifying Claiborne in court as one of the men who broke into the house and fired shots, Korslund was able to show that there was no other evidence tying his client to the crime. None of the witnesses picked Claiborne out of a photo lineup.

Korslund’s strategy ultimately prevailed in securing a not guilty verdict for Claiborne. This acquittal led to his client’s release from jail. The mother of the victim expressed shock and disbelief over the verdict. Korslund’s successful defense of his client showcased his expertise as a criminal defense attorney. He was able to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case, which ultimately led to Claiborne’s freedom. Korslund’s efforts demonstrate the importance of having a skilled and knowledgeable defense attorney when facing criminal charges.