Kimahni Lankford was facing 12 counts, including aggravated malicious wounding, malicious wounding, and gun charges, in connection with a shooting incident outside Lexington Park Apartments in Norfolk on August 25, 2020, which left five people injured, including a 1-month-old girl named Honesty. The case was a high-profile one, sparking outrage in the community due to the senseless nature of the crime and the devastating impact on Honesty and her family.

Despite the gravity of the charges against Lankford, his defense attorney, Eric Korslund, worked tirelessly to investigate the case, review evidence, and build a strong defense strategy. Korslund’s expertise and dedication to the case resulted in a not guilty verdict on all 12 counts after only two hours of deliberation by the jury.

Throughout the three-day trial, the defense argued that there was no evidence tying Lankford to the shooting, and that the only eyewitness, Honesty’s uncle, Lavan Platte, lacked credibility due to a previous conviction for lying to the police. Korslund pointed out that Platte only came forward with his testimony months after the shooting, hoping to get out of a probation violation for a drug charge.

Korslund’s strategic questioning during the trial highlighted the inconsistencies and lack of corroboration in Platte’s testimony, leading to the jury’s decision to acquit Lankford. Korslund praised the prosecution’s handling of the case, but argued that the evidence was insufficient to convict his client.

The not guilty verdict was a moment of relief for Lankford and his family, who had been facing the possibility of a long prison sentence. While Lankford still faces another gun charge related to the case, his defense attorney’s expertise and dedication have given him a fighting chance for a favorable outcome. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, don’t hesitate to contact Eric Korslund’s law firm for expert legal representation.