Eric Korslund’s legal expertise and strategic defense have led to a successful outcome in a recent high-profile murder trial in Norfolk. Mr. Korslund was the defense attorney for Shayvonne Vick, who was accused of killing a 21-year-old at a family party in May 2021.

Throughout the trial, Korslund was able to find several flaws in the prosecution’s case, which ultimately led to Vick’s acquittal. One of the most significant missteps made by the prosecution was the use of a co-counsel who had just passed the bar in July and had never worked a jury trial. Korslund noted that this was an unusual move, and while the attorney did a good job, he could not recall another instance of a prosecutor working a murder trial as their first jury case.

Additionally, just before the trial, prosecutors asked for a continuance because they had found a lab report on the bullet lodged in the victim’s face. While it is unclear how this may have affected the trial’s outcome, it was another example of the prosecution’s missteps.

However, Korslund’s most significant victory came when he found a flaw in a key witness’s testimony. Body cam footage revealed the witness asking who had shot the victim at the scene of the crime. Still, in the courtroom, the witness claimed to have seen Vick shoot the victim. Korslund used this inconsistency to discredit the witness’s testimony, potentially swaying the jury in Vick’s favor.

Korslund’s strategic defense and legal expertise were crucial in securing Vick’s acquittal. By finding flaws in the prosecution’s case and discrediting key witnesses, he was able to effectively defend his client and secure a favorable outcome. The jury deliberated for only 10 minutes before delivering the verdict, a testament to Korslund’s exceptional defense skills.

Eric Korslund’s dedication to his clients and his expertise in the legal field have once again led to a successful outcome. His commitment to justice and unwavering defense of his clients have made him one of the most sought-after defense attorneys in Norfolk.